Björkholm Cottages
Björkholm has 11 summer cottages for 2, 4 and 6 persons. Only 4 persons live permanent on the island.


Stockbo is a cosy cabin for up to two persons with a living area, kitchen and a bunk bed. The cabin is located at […]
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Right at the waterline with beautiful rocks you will find Sjöbo with room for up to four persons. A perfect spot for […]
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Strandbo is a 4-person cottage and has two bedrooms with four single beds. The south facade of the living area has big windows for a […]
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At the end of the island road you will find 6-person cottage Tärnan with a great view over the Archipelago Sea. Tärnan has […]
Most of our cabins are built very close to the waterline, which makes them unique in the area.
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The cabin for four persons is an amazing place for an Archipelago sunset. The cottage is surrounded by […]
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On the beautiful northwest side of the island you will find Svärtan with room for up to four persons.  As this holiday home can be […]
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This holiday home for 6 is located on a hilltop, with a view on our harbour and has an open sleeper attic with […]
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Falken has a view towards the sea. The playgrounds and our harbour are within a short distance from the cottage. Falken has […]
All our cabins have wood-fired saunas and most of them have an access to a pier with swimming ladder.
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At the end of the short forest road you will find cottage Edjern with room for up to four persons. An amazing place for […]
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In the midst of pine trees you will find cottage Måsen with room for up to six persons. The holiday home is easy accessible […]
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Cabin Truten is located at the end of the road and surrounded by forest. Truten has room for up to six persons. The cottage has […]
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Our cabins are located along the two forest roads on the island. You can bring your car to the island and park next to the cottage.