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Our cottage rental season runs from April until the end of October/beginning of November.

Björkholm mökit Oy
Björkholm lomakylä 19
21600 Parainen FINLAND

Company ID 2871777-5
Tax number FI28717775

IBAN FI3157169020064619

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+358 (0) 45 7873 8101

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Björkholm is located in the Archipelago area of Parainen/Pargas in the southwest of Finland.
The ferry port Granvik can be reached by a 45 minutes car drive or day trip by bicycle. From the city of Turku/Åbo take the number 1 road to Helsinki. Exit at 6 to road 180 towards Parainen/Pargas. By bicycle, you will most likely follow the 110 from Turku/Åbo and take road 180 towards Parainen/Pargas. Following The Archipelago Route (180) turn at the sign 'Björkholm' to ferry port Granvik (1802). You will be passing Parainen/Pargas on 16 kilometers from Björkholm.

If you are using a navigation system:
"Granvik 21600 Finland"

Coming from The Archipelago follow the sign 'Björkholm' to the ferry port Granvik.
From Granvik the free of charge ferry M/S Viken will take you to Björkholm within 15 minutes. Please check the ferry times. If your arrival time does not match the ferry times please contact us.