Björkholm Cottages
We are living permanent on Björkholm. We will welcome you.

Arriving to the island

Your hosts are living on the island and will welcome you on your arrival. In case we are not present on your arrival a check-in card can be found at the kiosk. The island can be reached by the ferry M/S Viken or by own boat. You can bring your own car to the island and park next to the cabin. From the ferry you enter the premises of Björkholm mökit Oy. The kiosk for check-in can be found at 50 meters from the harbour. The island has two forest roads which lead to the cabins. In case you are arriving by own boat, we ask you to come to the harbour for check-in.

Check-in and check-out times

The check-in and check-out times are depending on the ferry timetable. Check-in to your cabin from 15:00. Check-out on Monday till Friday 10:00 and on Saturday and Sunday 11:00. We kindly ask you to respect the check-in and check-out times.

Late check-out

We ask 20,- for a late check-out of the cabin in June, July and August.
Check the timetable in the footer and make a reservation for the ferry.

The ferry M/S Viken

Björkholm can be reached by the ferry M/S Viken from Granvik in Parainen. The address for the port is Granvik 21600 Finland. For some of the departure times, a reservation for the ferry is required. Check the timetable for up-to-date information and the telephone number for reservations. A reservation can be made one week in advance and normally from Mondays of the same week. During the lunch break and after the last run of the day, the personnel will not answer the phone. The personnel of the ferry speaks English. The ferry can transport up to 12/15 cars. You can bring your car to the island and park next to your cabin. We recommend to take one car per cottage to Björkholm and leave the other cars on the parking lot of Granvik. A taxi boat can be arranged on request, in case you are arriving late or leaving early in the weekend. The taxi boat cannot transport a car. We are not responsible for the ferry or taxi boat, as they are not part of Björkholm mökit Oy.